Alaska may seem like a frozen destination, America’s final frontier; however, over the course of this storytelling incentive adventure we managed to stoke the passion of every single participant for its mysterious treasures. And there’s no shortage of those!

The first thing we needed to grab the participants’ attention was to construct a story, and we decided to seek inspiration from the famous Klondike Gold Rush. Using this as our narrative thread we created a new identity for our travellers: we transformed employees of a major car company into intrepid searchers for Alaska’s lost treasure.

And now that we knew what the thrilling adventure would be, we had to infect the searchers with enthusiasm… To this end, we created a series of extraordinary cross media messages and clues strategically designed to motivate them in this pre-travel phase.



And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The winners of the incentive programme enjoyed an incredible trip to Alaska packed with unique experiences: whale-watching in Auke Bay, seeing striking glaciers and natural wildernesses frozen in time, visiting an authentic Ketchikan Sanctuary… and as if that were not enough, travelling in style throughout on the luxury Silver Shadow cruiser!