Don’t squander any more of your time organizing

business travel


At work, every minute counts, and with a Time Agent in your team you’ll be able to invest all your energy in what really matters: your business.
Forget about the tedious nitty gritty of travelling!

Do you know exactly what an Agent can do for you?

To start with, free up your time and agenda. They will take care of efficiently managing
your travel policy: planning, trimming expenditure, eliminating paperwork and trouble-shooting snags. You’ll find all you need among their complete list of services:

24/7 customer service

Management of bookings
Transport, accommodation, events, conferences

Foreign currency service


Drawing up detailed reports

Let’s go! online booking system

Special offers and benefits
on an infinite range of services

Exclusive offers for clients

The best travel insurance conditions

Advice on credit cards

We can design your travel policy
from scratch. No commitments.

Get in touch with Agent M,
our contact in the city