The Nobel Prize has been awarded since 1901, and every year the most brilliant minds of each generation sit down for a gala dinner.

A re-enactment of this meal for our client, an insurance company, was the main course of an incentive trip to Stockholm and Lapland in 2011.

We started by selecting the menu. Each dish was an exact copy of the ones enjoyed by Nobel Prize-winners over the course of its history: Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, President Obama… Once chosen, the 175 travellers were on tenterhooks until the last very last day anxiously awaiting this unrepeatable gala dinner in the selfsame Stockholms Stadshus (Stockholm City Hall).


But first… A bit of touring round Lapland!

The first part of the trip was a spectacular tour of the wonders of Lapland, the place Father Christmas calls home. We organized an icebreaking safari with a host of fun activities for the participants, including a ride through the forest by reindeer-drawn sleigh, visiting an authentic igloo and crossing the frozen sea by snowmobile. It was impossible not to enter into the spirit of things!