Paris is a magical city. It can rightly boast of being the world’s capital of cordon bleu cuisine, and also provides a perfect destination for our Storytelling incentive travel packages. It’s good enough to eat!

But a city on its own is not enough to set the pulses racing, which is why we weaved a unique tale that blended Parisian history with some of its grandest restaurants. The people who took part in this incentive package, who all worked for a major insurance company, thus became culinary critics hungry for new information.


During the preliminary phase of the trip, we sent the participants motivating messages and cross media material spiced with culinary curiosities and details about Paris, all of it strategically designed to stimulate the competition… and the appetite!


All culminating in a tour of five “forks” and various Michelin stars:

The winners enjoyed a sumptuous journey packed with unforgettable experiences: dining aboard a private boat, a tour of the city’s finest restaurants, a picnic in the French countryside with champagne and even a private visit to Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb.