The air of enigma surrounding Russia makes it the perfect destination for Storytelling incentive travel: a country of spectacular landscapes, but also endless stories classified as top secret…

It was precisely for this reason that we did not organise a conventional journey to Russia, but rather a top-secret mission inspired by the atmosphere of the Cold War. We turned the employees of a major car firm into professional spies who needed to train for a future mission in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now they would be secret agents!

Once the narrative was settled, the messages began. We sent them mysterious clues to whet their appetites for the mission, and of course cross media material to motivate them to take part in the competition.


Until at last the day of their journey dawned!

The lucky winners received a top-secret dossier, and a few days later savoured a fantastic trip to Russia packed with unmissable experiences: penetrating a secret bunker in Moscow, visiting striking palaces, receiving “training” at a cosmonauts’ training base and dining at exclusive restaurants in both cities. Enough to make James Bond himself green with envy!