Japan is a country of contrasts where ancestral tradition and ultra-modernity live side by side in magical harmony. This makes it one of the most fascinating places to put together an incentive travel package.

Not surprisingly therefore our client, a major car company, showed no hesitation in choosing this exotic destination to motivate its employees.

Over the course of 10 days, the 70 participants explored the packed streets of Kyoto and Tokyo, visited the main temples and went to the iconic Mount Fuji. They were able to tick off all of Japan’s most unmissable sights, but even then they still did not know about the exclusive experience Travel Partners had in store for them…

 No sooner said than done!

Aware of the attractions of Japanese culture, we surprised them with a traditional Japanese dinner (with geishas adding their charm to the occasion) and an authentic bout of sumo wrestling featuring professional wrestlers – all of it performed live and exclusively just for us!